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Custom Made Orthotics for Kids Maximize

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Your child’s feet are continually growing and changing anatomically. During the time of growth, children’s feet are particularly susceptible to injury and deformity. Maintaining healthy feet is crucial, as any foot deformities may have a long-term effect on your child’s posture, walking style and general foot health.

Your child may benefit from wearing kids’ custom orthotic insoles if they are affected by any of the following problems:

  • Very flat, painful foot arches, accompanied by overpronation (walking on the inside of the foot)
  • Unusually high foot arches that do not flatten when bearing weight.
  • Suffer from Sever’s disease or metarsus adductus.
  • Foot pain, limping, swelling.
  • Unusual walk, frequent tripping.
  • Significant in-toeing.
  • Feet are turned in or out excessively.

How do Dr Insole’s custom orthotics for children work?

When preparing orthotic insoles for your child, we take a cast of their feet to ensure that orthotics are moulded to help correct any specific biomechanical problems and to give your child the ultimate fit and comfort. After analysing your child’s foot walk and foot anatomy, Dr Insole’s orthotic specialist will prepare custom-made orthotics for your child.

Dr Insole’s kids’ orthotic insoles are:

  • Customised with all necessary support and cushioning components for stability, alignment and correct posture.
  • Specially shaped to help prevent injuries and deformities.
  • Produced using lightweight and flexible materials that absorb shock and guarantee comfortable wear.
  • Have vibrant, colourful design that appeals to children.

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Custom Made Orthotics for Kids

Designed to improve your child’s feet alignment and restore their natural position, our kids’ orthotics effectively correct balance and walking abnormalities. They help distribute body weight evenly and enhance children’s feet ability to absorb shock and pressure. Wearing our orthotic insoles helps reduce foot fatigue or pain and decreases risk of injuries.

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