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  • For Regular Use

    Dr Insole’s custom-made comfort orthotics bring relief to tired and painful feet. Our shock-absorbing insoles are designed to reduce the excessive stress and pressure placed on your feet every day. Dr Insole’s bespoke orthotics are prepared by our orthotic specialists who will determine what kind of orthotics your feet will most benefit from. Depending on what your feet require, our orthotic specialists can create either comfortable cushioning insoles, or firmer supportive insoles.

  • For Sports Training

    Dr Insole’s individually customised sports insoles support, align and cushion your feet when you exercise, protecting the weight-bearing joints of your lower body and decreasing the risk of injuries. Many high-impact sports and activities such as jogging, tennis, football and basketball put excessive strain on the feet, the knees and the hips. With our custom sports orthotic insoles your feet are properly protected, stabilised and free from pain, allowing you to exercise safely and comfortably.