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Orthotics for Children

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Orthotics for Children

Dr Insole’s custom children’s orthotic insoles have been specially designed to match kids’ active lifestyles: light, thin and flexible, our children’s insoles correct biomechanical foot and ankle problems without restricting little feet. Dr Insole’s bespoke children’s orthotics restore your child’s feet to a natural anatomical position and enhance body weight distribution. As a result, foot and leg pain is greatly reduced and your child’s feet are protected against injuries and further deformities.



  • Toddlers and Kids Orthotics (Ages 3 to 10)

    Dr Insole’s orthotic insoles for children correct and realign their feet's natural position and increase foot stability. Our foot orthotics are designed to treat biomechanical foot problems which often cause pain and limit your child’s physical activity. For toddlers they are excellent at preventing and eliminating pain associated with incorrect foot position and altered walking pattern. Wearing custom-made orthotics help protect against injuries and harmful deformation, which delicate children feet are particularly susceptible to. Incredibly lightweight and flexible and matched individually to each foot, our custom insoles effectively correct foot and leg alignment, allowing for healthy development and growth and protecting your child’s feet from permanent, painful deformities.