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Terms and Conditions


By booking an appointment with our specialist the customers commit to assist to the consultation at the selected day/hour.


1. Objective

The terms and policies are applicable for every user, who intended to visit our site. Please read the terms carefully as it applies on the user of the site www.drinsole.co.uk. So, accept theses terms and agree to comply with them.

2. About us

www.drinsole.co.uk  registered office is located at Muswell Hill Broadway 299, London, N10 1BY. Our VAT number is 769 0831 96.

3. Refund policy:

All items are refundable. We will refund the full amount within a maximum of 30 days.

4. Cancellation policy:

Should you wish to cancel an order which was placed on our website please contact us as soon as possible. You can e-mail us at contact@drinsole.co.uk Cancellation is possible within 30 days of receiving the item and you will be refunded within 30 days of cancellation.

5. Delivery:

We aim to deliver bespoke items within 10-15 days working days and ready made items within 24 hours.

6. Options available:

-We offer free postage to customers who have purchased from our website.
-If goods have been bought directly from our shop, the refund must also take place at our shop.
-We recommend that a single pair of insoles be used only with the shoes that they have been fitted for

7. Faulty returns:

For faulty or incorrect items, please contact us immediately to arrange an appropriate returns policy. We will either refund the full amount or dispatch an alternative.

8. Collection of User Information

We may track the record of users by collecting the IP address, Computer System, browsing history and Purchasing History for our record. This information will be used for statistical analysis for our own purposes; it will not identify your personal information.

The information about your system and usage can be collected through cookies (small files that sit on your computer). This information is useful for enhancing the personalized features and other elements for user satisfaction.

9. What is the use of Personal Information?

9.1 We use personal information of users to:

a)   User registration and administration of their accounts;
b)   Processing of orders, payments and supply of goods;
c)   Competitive analysis, market research, surveys and promotions;
d)   Responding to  complaints, suggestions, and inquiries;
e)   Processing of requested information;

10. Use of Our Site

10.1 You may visit our site for your personal use and take advantage of pages for any purpose. All privacy statements and copies of declaimers must be reproduced on any other copies made.

11. Accessibility

11.1 Our service may be interrupted for any reason due to huge traffic on the internet or it may cause any other reason for unavailability in our services.
11.2 We have the rights for the suspension of our site due to its maintenance, updating or any other reason without giving any prior notice.
11.3 We may restrict the user interference in any or all our site area, who have registered with us.

12. Account Details of User

12.1 After getting registered on our site, it is your responsibility as a user to keep all the information secret and confidential. You are not supposed to share the login information like user name, password and other security information with others or neither you are allowed to permit others to login by using your security information. If your information is misused due to negligence on your part then you are solely responsible for this.
12.2 We may monitor the unauthorized or suspicious activities of your account regarding log-in and misuse of information, but do not accept any obligation to do so.
12.3 We get a full right to suspend or disable the account activities any time without any notice, if we found any suspicious log-in information is used by anyone else, or not as per the agreed terms and conditions of use, or in case of any doubt regarding the security features of our site. We may provide you replacement account details or log-in information at any time.

13. Viruses

13.1 Although, we try to keep out of all malicious activities or other harmful viruses for the security and safety of our site but we do not take any guarantee of it. So, it is the user's responsibility to update their system from anti-virus and firewall software and log out completely when you finish using our website on a shared computer.


Dr. Insole t/a the Insole maker is not registered with the Health Professionals Council and as such is not able to prescribe an appliance or set of orthotics. You are aware that any instruction for an appliance or orthotics is made by you the client and agreed with me the manufacturer before work can commence.
In all matters I am only able to advise a course of action or specific relating to an appliance or set of orthotics based on my knowledge and experience within my area of expertise. If you wish to have your appliance or orthotics made to prescription you should consult with a qualified orthotist or other health professional registered with the Health Professionals Council.

Orthotic Insole Plan for Kids. Terms and Conditions.

The Orthotic Insole Plan for Kids is a payment plan that allows for a new pair of custom orthotic insoles to be created for a child each time their feet grow by one UK foot size. Each the child has outgrown their insole, a new cast will be taken from the child’s feet and a new insole will be produced.

New Insoles

It is your responsibility to get in contact with Dr. Insole when you believe your child has outgrown their current pair of insoles. Your child will qualify for a new pair of  insoles when your child increases in foot size by 1 (approx 1cm). Dr Insole will take a measurement of your child’s feet to confirm the increase in size.


Agreeing to the Orthotic Insole Plan for Kids means a payment of £12.00 a month is required. There is a minimum contract of 12 months with this plan but after this, you can cancel it at any time or when your child reaches a UK foot size of 7-Children (see below). Cancelling the payment plan means you will not receive any more insoles.

Damaged or lost Insoles

The Orthotic Insole Plan for Kids does not entitle your child to a new pair of insoles if theirs become damaged or lost. Therefore, general wear and tear of the insole will not warrant your child a new pair of insoles.

6 Month check ups

The insole plan also entitles your child to 6-month check ups provided by our insole specialist. This is a chance to see how your child is getting on with their custom orthotic insoles, as well as a further measurement and analysis of their feet.

Termination of Subscription

The subscription plan can be terminated at any time. It is your responsibility to inform Dr Insole that you no longer want to carry on with the subscription so that the monthly payments can be stopped. The subscription is also stopped when the child reaches a UK foot size of 5.5 (23.8cm), in which the child will qualify for adult custom insoles that do not have a subscription plan.