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VAT relief for the disabled

VAT exemption

VAT (Value-Added Tax) is a tax paid by consumers when they purchase goods and services in the European Union. The standard rate of VAT in the UK, applied to most goods and services, is 20%.

If you are disabled or chronically ill, you do not have to pay VAT on certain eligible products and services if they have been made or adapted for your own use – personal or domestic.

Foot orthotics are exempt from VAT if their purpose is to relieve the symptoms that result from a disability or a chronic illness.

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Who can claim VAT exemption?

People who are disabled or suffer from a long-term illness qualify for VAT exemption. A person can claim VAT relief if:

- Their physical or mental impairment affects their ability to carry out everyday activities;

- He/she suffers from a condition which is treated by medical profession as a chronic (long-term) illness;

- He or she is terminally ill.

A person does not qualify for VAT relief if they are elderly but able-bodied or if they are temporarily disabled.

If you are not sure if you qualify for VAT exemption, you can consult your GP or your medical adviser.


What proof of eligibility do we need?

We will only ask for the name of the person that suffers from a medical condition. We do not need any medical documentation regarding disabilities. If you are ordering online, you can provide us with the user name when buying the orthotic insoles.

VAT exemption process when buying online

Foot orthotics which are eligible for VAT are clearly marked on our website and there are two prices displayed, with VAT and after VAT deduction. To qualify for VAT exemption, we ask you to read carefully the declaration and to confirm your name and your disability. VAT will be automatically deducted from your order.