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Dr Insole’s handmade orthotics

100% Handmade

Each pair of our custom orthotic insoles is handmade from start to finish by our specialist. Dr Insole’s orthotics are handcrafted to match your feet. It means that they are specially tailored to your foot shape and your walking pattern. Thanks to that, our bespoke orthotics are effective at controlling, supporting and protecting your feet as precisely as it is required. No machine-made insole can provide you with such a high level of fit and comfort.

How do we achieve the perfect fit?

In order to create bespoke insoles, first we determine what your foot type is (neutral, low-arched or high-arched) and take foam impressions of your feet, which enable us to create foot casts. Next, the casts are appropriately adjusted, so that your custom insoles support and protect your feet exactly how they need it.

handmade custom insoles
Dr Insole's hand made orthotics

At this stage, we make adaptations that take into account the structure of your feet, their biomechanics and any deficiencies and degenerative changes that need to be addressed to free you from the symptoms that you are experiencing – e.g. if you have flat feet, we will adapt the arch height for appropriate support and even weight distribution.

We adapt and modify each insole by hand – for example, we can adjust the angle at which your feet strike the ground, or we can create insoles that will accommodate narrow heels – this is something that cannot be achieved with machine-made insoles.

Machine-made insoles are often ineffective at relieving foot pain, as they fail to provide suitable alignment and support. This is because they cannot be individually modified to correct particular biomechanical problems. Shaped to fit ‘standard’ foot, their effectiveness is significantly limited and they usually have a shorter life span than custom-made orthotics.

Precision and quality

When making our insoles, accurate fit, appropriate choice of materials and product quality are our priorities. We use high-quality materials, which are specially chosen to match your needs and your lifestyle.

As Dr Insole’s orthotics are completely handmade, there are no limits and constrains that normally occur with machine manufactured insoles. Our custom orthotic insoles are made with great attention to detail and high precision. We believe that no machine can produce ideally fitting insoles, as each foot is different. Creating a pair of bespoke insoles involves adjustment and flexibility, which cannot be achieved in prefabricated machine-made insoles.