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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need orthotic insoles?

If you are having problems with your feet, knees or back, then the chances are that custom-made insoles could help. Our website is full of articles about how exactly our insoles can help you. Whether it is making those shoes that little bit more comfortable, getting you ahead in your chosen sport or helping relieve chronic foot pain, our insoles will be designed specifically to help you.

Do I need to make a cast or participate in gait analysis?

At Dr Insole we take a holistic approach to insole making. This means that we will guide you through the whole process step-by-step, with cast formation and gait analysis combining to give us an overall picture of your issues and how to make the right insoles for you.

How long do your insoles last?

Our insoles are made from an ultra durable EVA-cork compound that is long lasting and durable. The top cover, which provides comfort, is prone to wear and tear due to its soft padding. The lifespan of the insole depends on a number of factors, from frequency of usage, type of shoe and type of insole. Insoles designed for comfort tend to last around a year, with the soft cushioning layer being worn thin quite quickly. Our other, firmer insoles that look to correct your foot position, such as our flatfeet or high-arched insole, should last two years or more.

Can I have one pair of insoles for all my shoes?

No- different shoe shapes have a profound effect on the usefulness of the insole and so our insoles must be adapted to a specific shoe. All shoes vary- some are very straight and some very curvy. Our insoles must fit smugly within any concave in your shoes otherwise they are subject to being bent, snapped or folded and rendered useless.

Beware of any service that offers a one-insole-fits-all product. These insoles tend to have a small plinth in the heel that supports the insole. However this plinth reduces the effectiveness of the insole  and embeds itself into the shoe which can damage the shoe itself.

Why do you make a cast of my feet?

We use a cast to ensure that our insoles are designed to fit you perfectly. Only a cast can help us take a perfect three-dimensional view of your feet, helping us to identify every single factor that could be causing you trouble. The cast allows us to analyse and revisit the shape of your foot while we make the insoles and ensure that everything specific to your feet is taken into account.