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Bunions x-ray illustration

A bunion (hallux valgus) is a bony swelling on the base of the big toe. Bunions can cause joint pain, discomfort while walking, irritated skin and sometimes movement of the big toe.

What causes bunions?

bunion drawing

The cause of bunions has been disputed but studies suggest that they are generally caused by tight or ill-fitting footwear. Bunions are triggered by one of two things; there is either a swelling in the bursal sac or a shifting of the first metatarsal bone into the exterior of the foot. A bursal sac is a small sac containing fluid that provides a cushion between bones and tendons. It can be burst due to excess pressure and in the case of bunions this is almost always due to ill-fitting footwear.

How can orthotic insoles help with bunions?

insoles that support bunions

Bunions are a symptom of ill-fitting footwear and custom-made orthotic insoles are a sure-fire way to ensure that your footwear provides optimum comfort and prevents bunions from forming.

If you already suffer from bunions then custom-made orthotic insoles can help to cushion and cup the bunion providing some pain relief and preventing the bunion from developing further.

As well as this, our insoles can help to ward off the overpronation that stems from the bunion, as it weighs the foot towards the inside. This can cause other forms of foot pain and injuries and hip, knee and back pain. It can also affect your posture. By providing support to the base of the bunion and the inside of the foot, our insoles can help to correct the overpronated foot and help to stave off any problems that are caused by this.

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