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Dr. Insole, Northern Ireland Consultation

Norther ireland branch

Dr Insole provides custom-made orthotics for people of all ages and for a variety of foot conditions. We are proud to have a branch in Newcastle, County Down, perfectly positioned to serve customers across the region. This area of natural beauty and rich folklore forms the backdrop to Dr Insole Northern Ireland. Over the years that we have been working in London, where our main branch is located, Dr Insole has earned the trust and confidence of hundreds of customers. Our insoles display a level of craftsmanship, attention to detail and value for money that is second to none.

Our insoles

Insoles can be used to effectively treat a wide range of foot conditions. We make bespoke orthotics for flat feet, high arches, metatarsalgia, neuroma, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, leg length discrepancy, and other conditions. In addition to this, we can provide insoles for sports, or for people who are on their feet all day and require improved comfort and support. We can confidently say that our insoles are superior to those that are purchased off-the-shelf. The key difference is that our bespoke consultation and construction process allows us to create insoles by hand to an exact fit. Our insoles offer a finely tuned balance of flexibility and support that simply cannot be achieved on an assembly line.

How to order

The key to effective treatment of foot conditions is a correct fit, which is where our process of customised orthotics comes in. Use our convenient online calendar to book a free appointment with our specialist. Consultations are held in Newcastle, Co. Down. Tracy, Dr Insole’s Northern Ireland specialist, will conduct an assessment of your gait and gather more information about specific symptoms. Prints and impressions of your feet will be taken and recorded, and these will be sent to our specialists. Using the highest quality cork and advanced methods, we will craft your insoles from scratch to your exact requirements. These will be sent directly to you by courier, completing the process.

Meet our specialist

Tracy is a highly experienced paediatric nurse. Tracy’s own children have had orthotics made by Dr Insole, which is a testament to her confidence in our products. Our specialist, Gary, has personally worked with Tracy and provided the necessary training and equipment for her to conduct gait analysis and take the prints and impressions required to make tailor-made orthotics. As a long-time resident of Newcastle, Tracy will be more than happy to let you know more about the surrounding area so you can enjoy your visit and take in the sights.

Dr Insole in Northern Ireland

Dr Insole’s Northern Ireland branch is located in Newcastle, Co. Down, between the Irish Sea and the scenic Mourne Mountains. Situated at the foot of Slieve Donard, the highest peak in Northern Ireland, Newcastle attracts visitors from across the world. Famed for its natural beauty, sandy beach and dramatic scenery, the town has a rich history and many sites of interest.

Furthermore, Newcastle is conveniently located for customers from throughout the wider region. Dublin is a mere two hours away, and a trip from Belfast can be made in an hour. Should you wish to stay overnight in Newcastle, in order to take in the scenery and local history, quality accommodation is available at a number of hotels and B&Bs for reasonable prices.